A Practical Introduction to Mindfulness

Mindfulness means

Paying attention in a particular way:

On purpose

In the present moment

And non-judgementally.

Jon Kabat-Zinn

Whether you are a total newcomer to Mindfulness or have already developed your own practice, all will benefit from the calm space created by the facilitator. Niamh will teach an understanding of the principles of mindfulness as well as various practical exercises to give the experience of mindfulness.

In this relaxing and enjoyable session you will gain:

  • An understanding of Mindfulness (& clarifying some of the myths)
  • An appreciation of the Benefits of a mindfulness practice
  • Simple practical exercises you can put into practice immediately
  • Tools to help you grow your own awareness
  • Skills to help you manage negative thoughts and emotions

Scientists have discovered that mindfulness techniques help improve physical and mental health in many ways, as well as improving well-being. Mindfulness can:

  • Help relieve stress
  • Improve happiness & quality of life
  • Lower blood pressure
  • Improve sleep
  • Reduce chronic pain
  • Aid in the treatment of depression, anxiety, eating disorders, substance abuse and other issues.
  • Increase your capacity for experiencing pleasure and satisfaction
  • Help regulate attention
  • Help regulate emotions, helping relationships.


Niamh incorporates Mindfulness into her personal and professional practice. She has a longstanding Mindfulness meditation practice and enjoys teaching Mindfulness to beginners. She trained in Mindfulness in Dublin and in Mindful Self-Compassion through Bangor University in Wales. From 2015-2017 Niamh taught a 3 day Mindfulness course (Professional Certificate in the Therapeutic Use of Mindfulness) for the British and Irish Mindfulness Academies. She is available to teach Mindfulness in companies – whether as a 1 hour Introduction to get started; or can design a 3-6 week program to meet the needs of your organization. Niamh has a wonderful calming voice which many people remark on as being perfect for guided meditations. Meditations recorded by Niamh may be part of the course offered.


“My mind felt at ease for the first time this week, great experience.”

Intro to Mindfulness talk , Littlewoods Ireland

“A really useful practical course with good balance between theory
and practice.”

Mindfulness for Teachers Bray School

“The mindfulness course was really informative. I learnt lots of new information that was useful to me in my daily life. It helped me to be more aware of my thoughts and helped me be more calm everyday.”

3 week Mindfulness course, Belgard Solicitors

“Even in a very short space of time, Niamh gave me the tools to understand awareness and allow myself to accept, and action appropriately, whatever situation I find myself in.”

Maria, Belgard Solicitors

“Niamh has excellent communication skills, gave great examples throughout the course to explain each section. She listened to the group with such compassion and understanding. She shows her knowledge and understanding of the course and exudes her (mindfulness) practice throughout.”

Laura Dublin