Adapting to Change

Moving on from a job we’ve held for a significant amount of time, means a lot of change. And change is something we all deal with differently – some embrace it, some resist it, but we all have to figure out how to deal with change as best we can. Even positive life changes can be stressful. Whether you intend to retire, or move to another job, or remain as yet undecided; it will take some time to adjust to your new life.

This enjoyable and informative workshop is designed to help you prepare for the changes ahead, so that you are well equipped to adapt to the transition with comfort and ease rather than distress. The topics covered will include:

  • Tips for Dealing with Uncertainty
  • Understanding Normal Reactions to Change
  • Actions to take for a successful Transition
  • Daily ingredients for a balanced life, whatever your situation
  • PERMA model for long-term Well-Being (Positive Psychology)
  • Practical tools you can apply in your own life for increased well-being

Testimonials from Niamh’s ‘Adapting to Change’ workshop:

“I found this course comforting and calming in a chaotic period of time”

Rachel W. An Post

“I found Niamh’s course very calming at a time of high emotion.”

Deirdre C. An Post

“This course gave me more awareness of how to bring my head back to the moment and not to fear change.”

“Really enjoyed this course with Niamh, she has helped me to clear my head and given me ways to think clearly.”

“I feel more equipped to deal with the future.”