Leadership & Wellbeing Coaching

I work with leaders and particularly Senior Leaders in all types of organizations. I also work with Professionals (medical, legal, etc.). Typically clients come to me for coaching because they have received constructive feedback and need support to gain that promotion; because they are returning to work after an absence or are moving up to a new role; or because they are struggling to juggle so many balls in the air. My strengths are in building awareness leading to personal and professional growth; building resilience and wellbeing and facilitating learning in people skills including communication, emotional intelligence and leadership capacity.

I have a special interest in applying Positive Psychology, Emotional Intelligence & Mindfulness in the workplace to support leaders to build a healthy, happy and productive workforce. I can help you build Quality of life and work.

If you want to see changes in your performance and in your life, the first place to start work with is your mind. That’s not something you can do easily on your own.  As a psychologist, therapist and coach, I have the expertise to help you make the vital difference. Contact me today to set up a meeting.

My Coaching Philosophy:

I believe in a person’s own wisdom; that we all have our own inner guidance system, a part of us that knows what is right for us and leads us towards growth. I see my role as Coach as facilitating you to reconnect to yourself so that you gain your own answers and insights. This is a collaborative approach, I don’t know the answers for you but my role is to ask useful questions, reflect back, challenge, offer expertise where appropriate, and build awareness, so that you gain clarity and move forward in the direction you have chosen, to achieve your goals.

Ethics & Professional Standards:

I am a Chartered Psychologist with the Psychological Society of Ireland (PSI) and I abide by their code of Ethics. I am a Full member of the PSI Coaching Psychology Special Interest Group. As a Professional Coach trained on an International Coaching Federation (ICF) accredited program, I also abide by the ICF Code of Ethics. This means that I uphold confidentiality as agreed with the organization and/or coachee; that I act with integrity and professionalism at all times and strive for excellence in my work.

I am committed to ongoing personal and professional development (CPD) both as a coach and as a psychologist. To this end I also partake in regular coaching supervision to meet ICF guidelines.  I hold full professional indemnity insurance renewed on an annual basis.

Aoife Marrinan

Niamh is a thought leader and someone with deep knowledge and great ability in the field of leadership and coaching. I worked with Niamh in her capacity as a Leadership Coach and Professional Speaker and found her to be extremely effective in provoking thought to facilitate real growth. I have no hesitation in recommending Niamh and look forward to working with her again in the future.

Aoife Marrinan, Director, Legal at Gilead Sciences

Karina Dolan

Niamh is a superb coach & professional speaker. I had the pleasure of having Niamh as my coach for a period of time. She is a total professional, energising, creative and really inspires you to get better outcomes by building and creating a solid plan. Highly recommend Niamh.

Karina Dolan, Group Culture & Engagement Manager at Vhi


I took part in Niamh’s 6 Month program and during our time together I found her to be the most empathetic listener who really heard what I was saying. She doesn’t try and offer a quick fix but rather a toolbox of skills that will help me as an individual navigate through life. Niamh is great fun to work with and I am really grateful to her for helping me through a very tough time in my life.

Mairead, Senior Manager Global Operations

Happy client

“Working with Niamh really helped me to grow my self-awareness and resilience. She created a safe space that allowed me to be vulnerable and ultimately helped me to reframe my situation and learn how to move forward positively. After going through a difficult period in work her safe space was just what I needed. Niamh helped me grow my self awareness, restore my trust in myself and learn to be kinder to myself. My new self-awareness helps guide my decisions and ultimately perform to a higher standard. I now feel stronger and more resilient and able to handle what comes my way. The growth and learning is serving me both personally and professionally and I am very thankful for that.”

Happy client


Niamh, Thanks for sticking with me for as long as it took. You’re the first (person) who has helped me MASTER stress. You’ve given me invaluable tools and hacks to support me into the future. I’ve been tested over the last number of years and all the tools helped me to effectively manage the trauma and look after myself too. I’m more confident in my abilities to overcome and deal with trauma, stressors now and beyond. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.