Embracing Change – Mindset Training

In today’s workplace, change is constant. The most recent research indicates that we are wired to be resilient enough to deal with the delicate balance between stability and change. So why do so many people seem to struggle with and resist change? Time and again, workplaces report stress reactions to change. This workshop helps you to understand how your mindset can shape your experience – how you can take control by first changing your mindset, thereby building your resilience and ability to thrive through change or whatever life brings your way.

This half-day workshop covers:

  • Dealing with Uncertainty
  • Change Reactions
  • Spot your Mindset
  • Fixed Mindset vs. Growth Mindset
  • How Mindsets shape behaviour
  • The Dangers of Negativity
  • Taking Feedback
  • Keeping your team on-board and positive through change

Participants will learn skills including:

  • Self-calming tools to reduce stress and keep your cool under pressure
  • How to develop a Growth Mindset
  • How to use language to prime the brain for change & growth
  • How to praise effectively
  • How to deal with difficult feedback
  • How to stay positive through change

Learning Outcomes:

  • Understand how people react differently to change
  • Learn the importance of mindsets and how to establish more positive and effective mindsets for you and your team
  • Learn about feedback
  • Learn how to take a more positive approach to change
  • Understand how to apply this knowledge to your work situation

Participants will be facilitated to select a current work challenge and apply their new learnings to help them take a positive approach to deal with it. Discuss & plan application.