Excellent Communication!

The ability to communicate effectively is one of the most important soft skills in order to progress in work and in life. This interactive course is designed to improve communication skills, giving participants the ability to build highly effective relationships at work and at home. Each person will learn to identify different styles of communication, recognize their own style and others’ so that they can speak the language of others and gain their trust and understanding.
This course is beneficial to employees of all levels, but in particular to those at management levels. There is an optional component on ASSERTIVENESS, call to discuss which components best suit your needs.


  • Improved communication skills
  • Recognize other peoples’ communication behaviour
  • Gain greater confidence in expressing yourself
  • Have the Ability to carry authority, relegate, delegate etc.
  • You’ll know how to stand your ground
  • Deal better in conflict situations
  • Understand others better
  • Appeal to the entire audience rather than just one section
  • Be able to capture and hold attention
  • Influence others to help them achieve what they want
  • Know how to approach a problem from different perspectives
  • Use your mind more effectively – thereby increasing your potential