What is going to happen on those full days online? 

I am very aware that a full day online is taxing, and you certainly can’t listen to me all day 🙂 The full days will be very interactive with regular breaks. Self-care is a strong focus of this course so the day will be set up to support you in your wellbeing, including having time for fresh air and lunch, stretch breaks, etc. The platform I will be using is Zoom, so there will be lots of use of the breakout rooms in pairs and small groups. It is important that the group are given the opportunity to gel and get to know each other, to feel safe and secure, to learn from each other, and just to have fun too! I have run other full-day courses online and engagement has been really good with positive feedback. The time will fly! 


What will we cover?

Each month will have a different theme, and then we will have a group coaching call half-way through the month to answer questions, keep you on track with your goals, keep in touch, offer support, etc. This whole program has been set up to meet a need that is huge at this point in time – to support leaders in their own wellbeing so that they are in a better position to support their teams. Stress management, building resilience and self-care are all components of developing emotional intelligence so I will be drawing on my knowledge and experience to empower a deeper understanding of all of these topics and bring them into practical application for you in work and in life. 

Resilience involves behaviours, thoughts and actions that anyone can learn and develop. Like building a muscle, increasing your resilience takes time and intentionality.

This program’s focus on 6 key areas :

1) Increasing Positive Emotions,

2) Growing Engagement,

3) Building Connections and Relationships,

4) Finding Purpose and Meaning,

5) Recognising Accomplishments and

6) embracing Healthy Habits – can empower you to lead your life more fully whilst developing your potential as a leader. 


What are the Content Details?

Built based on Seligman’s Resilience & Wellbeing PERMA model, the building blocks for resilience and growth; each month will have a theme as follows:

 Positive Emotions – learn how to boost your mood and wellbeing by working on your emotional fitness. Gain confidence as you identify your strengths and develop your potential, then do the same for your team! Our first day together will also focus on creating safety within the group and agreeing on boundaries. 

Engagement – understand how to stay motivated and engaged, and how to keep your team engaged too, even when working remotely.

Relationships – the key to our long-term happiness, you’ll learn more about yourself and others so that you can build more successful and meaningful relationships and better handle those trickier work relationships

Meaning – move deeper into your purpose and gain a sense of clarity about your life and your work, and what’s important to you at a deeper level. You’ll feel more connected to yourself and what’s really important to you. 

Achievement/Accomplishment – build your confidence and satisfaction, recognise limiting beliefs and break through your ceiling to achieve more than ever before! 

Healthy Habits – build your resilience by taking responsibility for your health and wellbeing in all areas of your life. We will practice self-care along the entire journey. 


These will be held as broad themes each month, with focus too on building self-awareness, learning new skills and tools, enhancing emotional intelligence as a leader. You will be supported to move from surviving to thrive! 


What is involved? What do I get for my investment?


      1 day/month – 6-month course run remotely (with the possibility of coming together in person for the penultimate session, depending on COVID situation)

      Run-on the first Thursday of each month from 1st October 2020 to March 2021 inclusive (1/10/20, 5/11/20, 3/12/20, 7/1/21, 4/2/21, 4/3/21)

      Monthly Group Coaching Call- Your opportunity to stay accountable, push on with your goals, make progress, ask questions and get support along the way.

      Free selection of Guided Meditations to keep your head clear, calm and focused so that you can be at your best even through times of disruption.

      Certificate of Attendance (Personal & Professional Development Certificate) which can be used for your organization when you complete the program.

      Small group size

      Highly interactive

      Semi-structured – sharing of content, daily theme, lots of time for discussion, reflection, practice. Applied learning & growth experience. 


Plus Bonus! Limited to the first 10 to Sign up! Worth €500

      Emotional Intelligence assessment EQi2.0 (pre-course) 

      Your Free EQi2.0 Leadership Report

      Free EQ feedback 1to1 coaching session (up to 2hrs, run remotely) where you will be supported to get clear on your goals


And New this week! Worth €45+pm Brand new software to allow free 6-month membership for Founding Members to basically have me at your fingertips via a secure texting app, where you can ask questions and get tips and support between our meetings.

 Plus Free Goodies! Posted to you for that extra excitement


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