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Below you can see a copy of our group agreements, let me know if there’s anything we should add!

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Our Group Agreements

  • Confidentiality – no names or company names mentioned outside of the group, no
    identifying factors – also respect for people’s story, not retelling it, not talking about themwhen they’re not present. (Exception – if the person is at risk to themselves or to somebody else, in which case. Niamh will be involved in the conversation and the person will be alerted if confidentiality has to be broken to protect them or someone else)
  • Willingness to be vulnerable
  • Compassion – attitude of kindness
  • Trusting that we all have good intentions
  • Non-judgmental
  • Recognizing that we are all different – respecting each others experiences, not just offering solutions but offer support
  • Respect
  • Participating fully to our own capability, as much as we feel we can on that day
  • Active listening
  • Meeting each other where we are
  • Putting aside our own bias
  • Willingness to step outside our comfort zone
  • Have fun along the way!