Personal Wellbeing

Positive wellbeing is a state of mind; and in this talk participants are invited to gain a deeper understanding of how the Mind can be used for, or against, ourselves. Throughout life we are taught to cram new information into the mind, but rarely are we taught how to use our mind more effectively for our own wellbeing. This talk offers several practical approaches that can be practiced to improve peace-of-mind, boost self-esteem, and calm the system down thereby reducing stress and improving overall wellbeing. Participants are also given time to look at work-life balance to help them to identify the areas they need to focus on.

Material covered includes:

  • A Mindful Minute
  • Work-Life Balance exercise
  • Understanding The Impact of your Thoughts
  • Staying calm with Self-Talk
  • Relaxation to end

The focus of the talk is on increasing understanding and teaching new skills so that each participant leaves with practical tools they can use immediately in their own life and work.

BENEFITS include:

  • Enhanced personal wellbeing
  • Reduced stress
  • Peace of Mind
  • Better ability to focus
  • Improved self image and self esteem
  • Learn how to reduce the inner critic!
  • Learn relaxation skills

About the Facilitator:

Niamh Hannan

Niamh is a Chartered Counselling Psychologist with the Psychological Society of Ireland, with a special interest in Positive Psychology and Mindfulness. Niamh has extensive experience working with individuals and groups, and runs her own business,, working in a variety of contexts and organizations (UCD, RCPI, Cognizant, YouTube, Facebook, VHI, Allianz, Irish Stock Exchange, Accenture, law firms, multinationals, schools, charities, amongst others), designing and facilitating talks & interactive training workshops. Niamh incorporates Mindfulness into her personal and professional practice, and regularly contributes to media. She is also Chairperson on the Board of Directors for TeenLine Ireland (voluntary position).