Relationship-Building Skills

We generally spend at least 40 hours a week at work, usually with other people. Positive relationships at work, based on respect, cooperation and trust, are essential to our happiness. What makes us happy in life is the lasting positive relationships with the people around us. Conversely, unhappy or toxic relationships can have disastrous long-term effects on our health, personal happiness and life expectancy. This course uses evidence-based theory and applied learning from a Positive Psychology approach to enhance participants’ relationship-building skills. Interactive exercises encourage experiential learning in the workshop.

Course content outline:

  • Why Other People Matter
  • Keeping Relationships in Harmony (Positivity Ratio)
  • Understanding Character Strengths & how to use them to improve relationships
  • Recognising Strengths in Others
  • The Art of Positive Communication
  • Active Constructive Responding

Participants will learn skills such as:

  • Participants will learn about their core character strengths and how to apply them in relationships, thus gaining confidence
  • Participants will learn how to see strengths in others which strengthens relationships, enhancing cooperation and collaboration as well as engagement levels
  • Participants will learn the different styles of responding to others and the impact of their own behaviour
  • Learn how to rebalance the relationship after a negative interaction

Learning Outcomes for Participants:

  • Grow awareness of own impact on others
  • Build skills and confidence in handling relationships more effectively
  • Learn how and why a more positive approach can work for you
  • Be able to improve relationships across the board

A link to a free online Character Strengths survey (test) will be sent in advance to participants and they will be required to bring their results with them on the day to learn how to apply their strengths in relationships.