Resilience and Self-Care

The aim of this workshop is to create a positive space where participants can come together, to learn about minding themselves and their team through stress, by building resilience and wellbeing. Learn how to stay in positive even during challenging times, so that you can build resilience and mind yourself through thick and thin. This is a fun enjoyable workshop, which is practical and provides easy-to-apply tips and tools on Wellbeing relevant to both work and home life. Participants will benefit both as individuals and as leaders of a team.

Content May Include:

  1. Check-in to establish needs to be met in the workshop
  2. Short Mindfulness exercise, to become present and self-calm
  3. Fun exercise to build awareness of stress and performance link
  4. Definition & Consequences of Stress
  5. Learnings from Positive Psychology & Emotional Intelligence
  6. Understanding Resilience
  7. Hannan’s Energy-Tank model of Self-Care
  8. Speed Gratitude exercise (brings energy up, fun)
  9. Short relaxation technique
  10. Feedback & End

Benefits for Participants include:

  • Understanding of impact of stress
  • Happier more positive state even through times of challenge
  • Practical enjoyable tools to apply immediately
  • Reduced stress levels
  • Better performance and personal effectiveness
  • Deeper understanding of looking after long-term wellbeing
  • Learn how to be more present
  • Know how to self-calm
  • Peace of Mind
  • More efficient & productive work
  • Better focus
  • Learn how to relax!
  • Practical self-care strategies that can be integrated easily into daily life

At the end of the course participants will be encouraged to identify which tools they will adopt and plan how to implement them into their daily life.