Self-Care Routine – Covid19

Today I’m sharing a handout I have found really helpful with clients over the years, particularly when someone is out of work for a period of time. Having too much time to think can be dangerous for some, and right now there is so much going on, fuelling anxiety and depression for many. For anyone struggling with the lack of structure, wondering why even bother to get out of bed in the mornings, I recommend keeping some type of routine and sense of normality. Doing what we normally do helps us feel normal even in abnormal times. We all have human needs and if we are not meeting these needs we are more likely to go into stress or distress. It can be useful to plan ahead and schedule something every day to meet each of these BACE needs: Body Care (exercise, nutrition, fresh air, sleep…); Achievement (do something every day that gives you a sense of accomplishment, even clearing out a drawer or completing the crossword), Connection (skype, facetime, keep up with those important to you, connect with people you care about), Enjoyment (fun time, doing something you find engaging). Doing something every day to meet these 4 BACE needs will keep you well while you’re stuck indoors. Stay safe and stay well. This pdf is a free resource on

Download PDF here