Sleep SOS

The nature of modern life means sleep is being attacked on many fronts.  As a result, two-thirds of us now don’t get enough sleep (World Health Organization). Yet sleep is so important to our health, wellbeing, performance and happiness. This talk looks at sleep from various angles, to help you understand the importance of sleep and what to do to help you get a good night’s sleep.

Topics covered include:

  • What stops sleep?
  • Understanding the Sleep cycles
  • Consequences of too little sleep
  • Why we need sleep
  • Tips for a good night’s sleep
  • Help, I’m a shift worker!
  • What to avoid
  • Relaxation to aid sleep

About the Facilitator:

Niamh Hannan

Niamh is a Chartered Counselling Psychologist with the Psychological Society of Ireland, with a special interest in Positive Psychology and Mindfulness. She has spoken at a variety of events, such as the Mental Health & Wellbeing Summit 2017(Aviva); the Student Leaders Congress (3Arena) and the Network Ireland Awards Conference. Niamh has facilitated hundreds of workshops, talks and trainings for companies and organizations, including UL, UCD, AIB, Allianz, RCPI, Irish Stock Exchange, Accenture, law firms, schools and charities. She has a part-time private practice in south Dublin since 2004 and runs her own business, She is also Chairperson on the Board of Directors for TeenLine Ireland (voluntary position).