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Niamh was honestly the most interesting, clear and informative trainer / speaker we have ever had in here. It was really really interesting and so relevant.

I can honestly say it was the best investment we have made to date. Our Senior managers were so impressed and everyone who attended have nothing but great praise. The content was fantastic and to be honest we have set the benchmark for future trainings. Our Senior Manager has even mentioned that all our training will be coming from you in future due to the standard Niamh provided so it’s great JJ

Thanks a million for everything and we are looking forward to the teams having (their training) on Monday and Tuesday.,

Sean Ennis

HR Generalist, Telefonica

Niamh was on message. She gave us all excellent tips in how to manage day to day stress in one hour!!

J. Ryan-Murphy


This should be a compulsory training course for all staff and students. It would have such a positive outcome for so many people. So much to learn and a great teacher.

UCD Positive Mental Health Workshop

Workshop UCD

One of the best training sessions I’ve attended.

Generali Navan

Clear communication style, easy to listen to, very concise.

Mondelez Coolock

Very useful exercises, helpful. Helped me to realise helping others means I need to be in correct frame of mind myself to begin with. Thank you.

Workshop UCD

I thought Niamh was brilliant! She is a fantastic speaker and really knows her stuff. Very down to earth too.

VHI 1 day Kilkenny

Natural, engaging, interactive with audience. Niamh was very engaging and natural in her delivery. Some very easy, simple tips to take away and start to apply!


HR, Bord Bia: The Secret to Happiness

Great presenter, warm, life affirming. Practical suggestions which were really useful.

N. O’Carroll

Dublin Network for Women

What’s great about this course is the easy to understand tools and techniques that you can use everyday to help us feel better every day.


Niamh was brilliant, even in a large group it felt like she gave personal advice.


Niamh is very engaging and creates a welcoming/open space, where you feel free to engage and share your experiences.

Workshop UCD

Very clear, articulate, informative. Well-paced workshop, flexible.

Workshop UCD

Niamh has a very coherent and clear way of expressing the session material. She’s very quick to pick up what is being said or implied, even when its in a group environment where everyone is trying to jump in to say their bit. She is extremely adept at guiding the largish group. (Hellen Altman UCD)

Workshop UCD

The delivery was excellent. Niamh is very competent in her field and is a great facilitator


Lecturer and Coach

Very practical and grounding. I felt a real sense of achievement after it!

Leman Solicitors

It was a very well researched, well thought out training.  A great opportunity to reflect, and invest precious time in yourself.

Leman Solicitors

Niamh had excellent experiential knowledge of subject, presence and care. Easy to follow – no pressure. Good pacing of input.

An important course for everyone who wants to add to the quality of their lives.


Co.Louth , 'A Mindful Day 2015'

It was very informative and practical that would benefit any busy professional

Leman Solicitors

Fantastic. Best session yet in this office.

Leman Solicitors

This is the second time I took this training (2hr Resilience training), 1st was 1 year ago; I applied the exercises in my everyday life for 1 year and they really helped me a lot. 



Niamh was an excellent and very informative trainer. Very easy to listen to. I enjoyed this immensely. 

Adapting to Change workshop, An Post

Niamh very easily put me at ease, explained things fully with a sense of humour – would highly recommend!

Bernadette Murphy

Niamh has a practical, real life approach to introducing change into your life to increase your sense of happiness and wellbeing.

Mary Mac Sweeny

Deputy Head of LEO Dublin City, Dublin Network for Women

When it comes to explaining the difference Niamh has made in my life it is so hard to put into words. Life is life and we can’t change people or make them listen. The only person we control is ourselves. Session 1 she gave me homework and I’m going to be honest I was a little “ah here how the hell is this going to work” but it did. I put it into practice and it worked.

I’ve had sessions where I’ve gone in a mess, thinking how the hell is she going to turn this around for me and she does.

My life is changing and it’s unreal. My business has started to grow at a huge rate. I am happy in my own company and don’t need to be distracted by others, my friendships have flourished and the toxins have gone and this is only the beginning of my journey with Niamh.

Thank you Niamh for being the amazing therapist you are and for teaching me the tools to grow and become the person I guess I knew deep down I was but didn’t believe and for helping me take control.

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Extract from a letter from a client

It was very informative and practical that would benefit any busy professional.

Leman Solicitors

Excellent course, made me want to immediately put Niamh’s tips into action for a more positive life!



It was a very well researched, well thought out training.  A great opportunity to reflect, and invest precious time in yourself.

Leman Solicitors

Excellent workshop, didn’t realize I was so stressed until I did the
workshop. Got a lot of simple exercises to help overcome this.

Building Resilience Workshop UCD

Feel everyone regardless of job title should receive this day’s training.

Personal & Professional Training Day

VHI Kilkenny

Niamh, Thanks for sticking with me for as long as it took. You’re the first (person) who has helped me MASTER stress. You’ve given me invaluable tools and hacks to support me into the future. I’ve been tested over the last number of years and all the tools helped me to effectively manage the trauma and look after myself too.

I’m more confident in my abilities to overcome and deal with trauma, stressors now and beyond. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. June 19. 


Excellent speaker. A great course, got so much from just one day.

VHI Dublin

It was fascinating. Best course we’ve had.

VHI Dublin

Very clear speaker, some excellent tips, they will really help. Felt we got through loads and I got a lot out of the day.

VHI Dublin

I found Niamh extremely easy to listen to from 9am to 5pm is a long day but my attention was completely held all day. I would love to take part in a longer course with Niamh – she explains at a level anyone can understand. Thank you so much.


VHI 1 day

Extremely beneficial – an insight into the workings of ‘me’. What i can do to be the best me!

Doyle Collection

Really enjoyed this course with Niamh, she has helped me to clear my head and given me ways to think clearly.

An Post, Cork

This was a brilliant course, I found Niamh to be excellent, she explained and participated with us throughout the course.

VHI 1 day Kilkenny

Very engaging – so knowledgeable and provided me with great insight. I would definitely do another one of Niamh’s courses.

Bord Bia: The Secret to Happiness

V. interesting, interactive, light-hearted.

Leman Solicitors

Niamh is a very inspiring lady and has given me very useful tools to bring me forward in both my personal life and my career



Real life foundations. Great mindfulness techniques. Great take-away points for everyday life and delivered by a very interactive facilitator.


Important for entrepreneurs to maintain positivity and a healthy mind. Start-up area can be challenging and many knock backs. Great short talk.

Foodworks Entrepenre

Fantastic session and empowering in such a short space of time!

1 hour Talk

Brilliant day, (trainer) brought it to life. You can see and feel how she believes and practices it.

Gwen McK

Niamh was a fantastic facilitator. Covered really simple effective techniques to deal with situations in a real-life way. Concepts were very well explained and this was one of the best 3 hour courses I have done! Thank you!


Awesome! I was ‘too busy’ to come to this and AM so glad I did!


Secret to Happiness talk

My mind felt at ease for the first time this week, great experience.

Intro to Mindfulness talk

Littlewoods Ireland

A really useful practical course with good balance between theory
and practice.

Mindfulness for Teachers

Bray School

Niamh has a practical, real life approach to introducing change into your life to increase your sense of happiness and wellbeing.

LEO Women’s Network talk

I found this course to be extremely practical, engaging and informative. Niamh was brilliant and I would highly recommend her. I would be very interested in further sessions.

VHI 1 day

I found this course excellent. I loved the lightheartedness and humour and examples.


I wish I’d learned all of this in my teens or twenties. Nevertheless, even at 50, this has given me huge food for thought.

Claire Kamber

Dublin Network for Women

I found Niamh’s training immensely practical and useful. It was delivered in a very pleasant manner and was very useful to me facing the challenge of planting 1 million trees!

Orla Farrell

Dublin Network for Women

The whole session is well-prepared and well-structured.

Workshop UCD

I thoroughly enjoyed Niamh’s course. She is fantastic at what she does and really knows her stuff.

Sarah Kehoe

VHI 1 day Kilkenny

Highly recommend Niamh, she is a great trainer who communicates very well and is clearly very knowledgeable and professional.

VHI 1 day Kilkenny

I found this training very beneficial and will definitely apply in my professional and personal life, thank you.

VHI 1 day Kilkenny

I found the training great as it was broken into smaller sections and steps, easy to remember and follow on a daily basis! Thank you,


Dublin Network for Women

Thank you Niamh. Some wonderful tips all brilliantly explained. Listening to you I’m in a positive mood and I believe I can achieve some positive changes.

Dublin Network for Women

Surprised this kind of training is not introduced to business accelerator programmes more frequently. Niamh gave an absolutely fantastic presentation.


It has been a great informative session. The trainer has been excellent. She guided us through the journey for us to explore our inner selves – our weaknesses (stressed, not listen carefully etc) and then provide constructive solutions to it. It is a well-structured practical session.

Workshop UCD

Loved the relaxed, supportive, caring, non-judgemental facilitation by Niamh and her ability to manage such an eclectic group of people



A first-class trainer.

John C


I found this course very useful. The instructor was clear and interacted with the group to create a safe space for discussion.

Workshop UCD

The course was very clear. Information was provided in an easy to understand way. I liked the exercises.

Workshop UCD

Niamh has excellent communication skills, gave great examples throughout the course to explain each section. She listened to the group with such compassion and understanding. She shows her knowledge and understanding of the course and exudes her (mindfulness) practice throughout.



Very useful, interactive presentation, would recommend.

F. O'Connor

Adapting to Change workshop, An Post

Very calming and professional, understanding of everyones needs and very helpful.

K.H. de Abreu


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