Understanding your Working Styles – Building Awareness

About: Working Styles are based on the Transactional Analysis model by Eric Byrne, which describes the way we typically or habitually do things. There are 5 styles, each with a set of themes, typical behaviours, communication styles and underlying values. No one style is better than another, we all have one or two major ones and less of others. However, when we are under pressure or stressed, we can get caught up in ‘Driver’ behaviour where we tend to do more of the same even if it’s not working. This workshop is designed to build self-awareness in a fun interactive way, by focusing on Working Styles and learning more about how we operate at work (and how we might begin to operate differently where needed!).


  • Build self-awareness
  • Identify your stress behaviours
  • Break negative patterns
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Relate and understand others more easily
  • Understand your team members’ working styles
  • Build team patience and understanding
  • Grow personally and professionally



  • Working styles questionnaire & scoring
  • Understanding the 5 working styles
  • Recognizing your ‘Drivers’ when under stress
  • Building awareness of your stress patterns
  • Identifying areas to work on
  • Beginning to build tools to reduce Driver behaviour & manage stress
  • Lots of interactive learning