Why Employers value Leaders with high Emotional Intelligence (EQ): here are 8 reasons why it’s so important to develop your EQ as a leader

  1. Leaders with high EQ are more likely to stay calm under pressure –they’re better able to cope with stress and adapt/flex to change and challenges, whilst maintaining an optimistic outlook and holding onto confidence. If you’re struggling with stress in these times of great change, getting support to develop this area of your EQ will boost your wellbeing and happiness and reduce stress. As a leader, your state sets the tone for the team. 
  2. High EQ leaders are better able to handle and resolve conflict effectively and solve problems where emotions are involved. How do you deal with conflict, or is it something you’d like to avoid? As a leader being able to deal with conflict is an important aspect of leading a healthy cohesive team. 
  3. They’re empathic to their team members and have strong interpersonal skills. Empathic leaders can hear what others are saying and feeling, and put people at ease, thereby impacting positively on the work environment and overall wellbeing. 
  4. They’re decisive and have a strong ability to take action – this is a delicate balance between valuing input from your team and colleagues, but being independent enough to make important decisions without having to always check with others. Successful leaders have a track record of making good decisions.
  5. Successful leaders are also straightforward and self-aware – people know where they stand, they’re consistent in their approach to issues because they’re aware of how and what they feel and believe about those issues. Self-awareness is the foundation of EQ, something we all need to work on constantly. 
  6. High EQ leaders are aware of their strengths and their weaknesses; they’re more open to feedback and are less defensive to deal with. 
  7. High EQ leaders listen as much as they talk; they value different perspectives and that helps employees to feel valued and engaged. Team members feel that their contribution is valued so they are more likely to take ownership and want to see an initiative succeed. 
  8. High EQ leaders can keep emotions in check and have thoughtful discussions on tough issues. They don’t avoid difficult conversations; they have developed the skills to handle them appropriately. 


If you’re a Senior Leader the chances are that you’ve been developing and honing some of these skills over years – but its equally likely that one or two areas are causing you issues. Prevent derailment and extra stress by getting 1to1 support today to develop your leadership capacity.

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