I’m known as

The Soulful Psychologist

because I like to bring science and evidence-based approaches to work in a simple-to-apply way that feels good and is meaningful to you.

Previously known as Mindworks.ie, I have recently re-branded to niamhhannan.com, to better represent the work that I do now. I have earned trust over my 22+ years experience, and you want to know that you won’t be fobbed off to any associates. When you come to my site, you want to know who you are working with, you want to know you’re in good hands. You can be assured that you will be working directly with me.

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Real change doesn’t happen overnight. Whether you’re a leader who’s committed to being at their best; or an organization looking to support your leaders; for lasting impact I have created a choice of transformational programs. 

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If you want to feel better in yourself, boost performance and lead with authenticity, the real work starts from the inside-out. That’s not something you can do easily on your own, you need a safe space to speak freely; to reflect, to gain perspective and clarity of focus.

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Talks& Workshops

Niamh has facilitated 1000’s of talks and workshops over the past 2 decades, for a variety of organizations. With a particular interest in Wellbeing, Leadership, Positive Psychology & Mindfulness, Niamh designs and facilitates to meet your needs.

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Core Connected Leader Program

Helping Women live happier lives and excel in Leadership through empowering their Growth, Wellbeing and Meaningful Success in a Circle of Trust.

Looking After The Leaders

Connect in to the essence of who you are; draw-out what wants to emerge into the world through you, and gain clarity on taking action.

Extract from a letter from a client

My life is changing and it’s unreal

When it comes to explaining the difference Niamh has made in my life it is so hard to put into words. Life is life and we can’t change people or make them listen. The only person we control is ourselves. Session 1 she gave me homework and I’m going to be honest I was a little “ah here how the hell is this going to work” but it did. I put it into practice and it worked.

I’ve had sessions where I’ve gone in a mess, thinking how the hell is she going to turn this around for me and she does.

My life is changing and it’s unreal. My business has started to grow at a huge rate. I am happy in my own company and don’t need to be distracted by others, my friendships have flourished and the toxins have gone and this is only the beginning.”

Extract from a letter from a client

Caroline Gourley

As a person, I have grown.Since commencing with Niamh, I have given myself permission to look after myself, to take the time to ground myself and to give myself time to breath. 

As a leader I have also grown. Niamh and the programme gave me tools that allowed me to grow as a leader, balance my personal and professional life and in doing so gave me confidence in myself , and supported me in going for a promotion and ultimately getting that promotion. The coaching groups are very supportive and enabling.

…I now take time out for myself. Niamh has given me the tools to breath. I have introduced mindfulness days in the area that I work. As a result of this course I recognise signs of burnout in staff and ensured that the staff use the resources available to fill their own tanks.

100% yes I would recommend this course and have recommended this course to other managers.

Caroline Gourley, Director of Nursing 

(Looking After the Leaders program participant 2021)


I’ve learned how to fill my tank… which I didn’t know how to do. That has been a huge thing. Even the meditation…I’ve bought into things that I would never have bought into….it’s little things but its all to do with Niamh and how she facilitates it, it’s a fantastic skill that Niamh has – she has pulled me back from a lot of hurt that I could have done or put myself through anxiety or stress that I didn’t have to put myself through and that’s because I can cope better now with things. So I’ll be forever grateful.

Mary, Director, Pharma company

(Looking After the Leaders program participant 2021)


I found Niamh’s course to be really transformational, she really helped me focus and I found clarity and what I wanted out of life. I would highly recommend Niamh’s course.

 I’ve really got to know who I am as a person now.  I am so glad I did this now in my life and hadn’t gone further on without having these tools. I think everyone should know how to fill their tank up and I will be telling others how great this course is.  I’ll always look back fondly on my time on the course.

Fiona, Solicitor

(Looking After the Leaders program participant 2021)

Niamh Woodcock

“Thank you so much – I don’t know what I would have done without this course, through the particularly difficult lockdown that we’ve had this year. I was quite low on self-care starting this course and it’s taught me so much… Niamh’s years of experience and her expertise are very evident and it’s really well put together.  But it is Niamh’s facilitation, that makes it special. She has the ability to create psychological safety and a space for everybody to bring their whole self. People feel safe to open up and to say what they need to say, allowing them to get the best out of it as a result.

Over the last 6 months I have developed tools and habits that will stay with me and now feel grounded in my own strengths and values. It has been a very worthwhile investment in myself that I would highly recommend. “

Niamh Woodcock, Delivery Lead, Workhuman

(Looking After the Leaders program participant 2021)


“From the moment the course started I felt safe in the amazing space Niamh created. Throughout the course I have really learnt to look after myself and I have seen what that means to my performance and overall well being. I have found balance, support and I am now more driven than ever to grow and learn. The awareness I have gained will stay with me for life and set me up for success both personally and professionally.”

Ciara, Manager 

(Looking After the Leaders program participant 2020)


Thanks for everything you’ve taught me, the knowledge that you have shared, especially around being more mindful. There’s a lot of information around stress that I’m a lot more aware of – the importance of mindfulness and having more control over thoughts so they’re not just spiralling.  I think this has become part of my life, I’m definitely just breathing a lot more.   

Your commitment and constantly checking in with us, you obviously care.  You are an amazing coach, can bring us as strangers into a room and create this sense of security where we all feel comfortable to open up about uncomfortable stuff.  You pushed me though situations I was uncomfortable with, the benefits outweigh the awkwardness.  Thanks for everything you have done setting me up for the next chapter of my life.

Christine, Global Quality Manager

(Looking After the Leaders program participant 2020)