Niamh is a Chartered Psychologist with the Psychological Society of Ireland, with a special interest in Positive Psychology (including Certification in Emotional Intelligence) and Mindfulness. She is also a Professional Coach (ICF).

She has spoken at a variety of large events, such as the Mental Health & Wellbeing Summit 2017(Aviva); the Student Leaders Congress (3Arena), ZEMINAR 2018 (RDS), the Network Ireland Awards Conference and the Dublin Horse Show.

Niamh has worked with a large variety of companies and organizations, including UL, UCD, AIB, Allianz, Cognizant (Facebook & YouTube accounts), RCPI, Irish Stock Exchange, Accenture, law firms, various Government Departments, among others. She brings her natural warmth and compassion to her Coaching sessions and training workshops. Niamh has worked in the Workplace Wellbeing arena since 2004, and brings a wealth of experience to her work with groups and leaders in organizations and companies.

She ran a successful private practice in south Dublin from 2004-2019 and runs her own business, NiamhHannan.com.

She was also Chairperson on the Board of Directors for TeenLine Ireland (voluntary position) and chaired the team who successfully negotiated a merger with ISPCC, creating ISPCC TEENLINE, now open 24/7.


Down through the years Niamh has been contacted by many in the media field and she has written and contributed to many articles in the press (incl. The Sunday Business Post, the Irish Examiner, The Irish Independant, aswell as Parenting magazines) and been interviewed on various radio shows, including The Pat Kenny Show, 2fm’s The Nicky Byrne show, Newstalk’s Moncrieff show, Today fm, KFM, Highland Radio, among others.

Niamh has also been contracted by PR companies to comment on psychological-related research and respond to any ensuing media interest (usually involving several radio interviews).

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